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Protect your E-Mail Account - Avoid Fake Phishing Emails

Protect your E-Mail Account

Ignore Fake Emails about your account

There have been a wide variety of emails sent to our clients claiming to be from Interpool Hosting Support that state there is a problem with your account, or emails have been frozen, and you must log into your email account now to correct those problems or change your password.

Interpool Hosting does NOT send out emails like this, although some of the scammers have done a good job of pretending to be us... if you hold your mouse (or finger on a mobile device) over the link you will see it is not one of our domains:

By logging into these fake sites with your email address and password, the scammers now know your credentials and can use that to send spam or try to gain access to any of your other accounts (like FaceBook, Banks, etc) using the Recover Password function. Be Careful! 

What to do?

Simply delete and ignore these attempts to get your email address and password. If in doubt forward a copy to or call us to verify. 


You can review the following links on Hackers, Phishing and scams to learn more about how to protect yourself online:

Protect yourself online
Sample Phishing Email

Sample Phishing Email

Email accounts don't expire - they continue for as long as you maintain your web hosting account.
When I moused over the blue button the link did NOT go back to one of my domains. 

Sample Phishing Email

Another Example

This one talks about a bandwidth quota for your email (bandwidth quota usually relates to the amount of traffic your website uses up during a billing period).
When I moused over the links they did NOT point back to

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